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Hello, World! Foo, Bar!

Yes, I code.
I code everything from Back-end to Front-end to Mobile.
I am an experienced Full Stack, DevOps, Web & Mobile Engineer.
Since May, 2011 (5 years and 8 months ago).
A Big Data and Machine Learning beginner.
I build scalable and maintainable stuff for web, mobile and desktop.
I love coding.
Unix-based systems are my favorites.
Terminal is my friend.
Vim is my sweetheart.
A GitHub Addict.
Wannabe startup polymath.
Latest post: I = this; # Godel Escher Bach, Programming & Spirituality

PS: All letters of the name, "dhilipsiva", are lowercased. This is NOT a typo. I prefer my name lowercased.

PSS: This site is PRIVACY FRIENDLY. I DO NOT track any visitor.