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It isn't programming, it's parenting!

09 May 2014

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Parenting is a divine art. In my opinion, there is no other art that is so sacred and pure than parenting. That is why I want to be the greatest dad in the world.

For me, coding is like raising a baby. Give birth to a tiny living thing, grow and improve her, teach her new things, teach her how to behave, caring for her so she does not crash, working so hard to make her a fine woman some day. Its not just coding, I see. It is parenting. I am the Mother, the Father and the Guardian. I give birth, I care and I protect. I watch her with joy as she grows. And she will always be a good girl. You know why? She will always listen to me and does exactly what I ask her to do.

But then agree, this is not as hard as rising an organic baby. This is as close as it can get to the divine art. I love both types of parenting. Hopefully, some day, I ll be the greatest dad in the world.

Programming is not just parenting, It is also freedom. Read all about it here: It isn’t programming, its freedom!