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It isn't programming, its freedom!

12 May 2014

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If you have read my post “It isn’t programming, it’s parenting!”, you would have know by now that, I see myself as a parent and not just a programmer. In this post, I am trying to explain why programming means freedom to me.

Perhaps one of the biggest lies taught by the society is the freedom to choose. That is one big-fat-ass lie. But it is one of the most believable lies ever told. It took me almost 20 years to see through the lie. Truth is, most of human-kind do not have the freedom to choose. It, merely, is an Illusion of choice. I can talk about the Illution of choice for hours. Maybe that is for another post.

I once read a quote that went like this: The only way to deal with an unfree world, is to be so absolutely free that your very existence is a rebellion. It made a strong impression in my mind.

If you know about Captain Jack Sparrow, you know what Black Pearl means to him. Black Perl is the fastest ship in the ocean. So he can quickly get away from any fight. Or he can quickly catch any vessel and plunder it. Because Black Pearl is so fast, neither the HMS nor the Dutchmen can catch him. So it means Freedom to him. With Black Pearl, Jack can do stuff that pleases him and can easily get away from any chaos.

I see myself as Captain Jack Sparrow, programming is my Black Pearl, computer is my world and Internet is the vast Caribbean Ocean. The mediocre society and Academic system is the Dutchmen and HMS. I haven’t caused any damage to the HMS, yet! But I have a score to be settled. And some day, I will. I constantly upgrade my Black Pearl by leaning new stuff each and every day. And when the day comes, I shall refuse to let my enemy win.

With programming, I don’t have to cope up with this stupid society’s stupid rules. I literally don’t. I didn’t finish my graduation, I did not score as much marks as my friends did. As a matter of fact, I am always the last one in the class. The one with lowest score. Yet, I am the one who is most happy with what he is doing and I am most certainly the highest paid person compared to any of my college mates. And that is why programming means freedom to me. I am rebel and programming is my tool to fight this mediocre society. They will see what I can do!