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I don't want to be an Entrepreneur

29 Jun 2014

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5 years ago, I thought I wanted to be an Entrepreneur. Turns out, I wasn’t. I just love building stuff. Building as in purely technical stuff: Gathering requirements, Write code, deploy, scale and maintain. And I certainly do not mean building a business and worrying about money.

I meet a lot of amazing people who are building a startup. I help them out. Again, help in terms of technology. While I get really interested when they speak about the technology, it is really, really, really boring to listen them talk about fund-raising, money and other money-related stuff. And I don’t intend to offend any Entrepreneurs. I know building a business and making revenue is much harder. I respect them a lot.

It is not that money is not important to me, It is just that worrying if my code works properly is more important than worrying if I can generate revenue. I want to worry about Will this scale properly? or Is there a better way to write this code? than Will I make more profit next quarter? or Is there anyway I can improve my business?.

So I have come to realize that: I wanted only to be better programmer today, than I was yesterday. Like I mentioned earlier, I mean no disrespect for Entrepreneurs, I respect them a lot. It is just that I find satisfaction in different things. And as far as the money is concerned, the better the programmer I become, the more I will earn, and the less I will have to worry about it.

Lately, a lot of people are approaching me to build stuff which I wont get paid for but share the revenue. I am posting this here just to tell that I don’t want to do stuff like that. Not because I think that the Idea might fail and I might not get any money (As a matter of fact, I sometimes help people with absolutely nothing in return. I love doing stuff like that when I have time). Even if it is million-dollar Idea, I don’t want to do it this way. Because I don’t want anything in my head except technology.

And that is why I don’t want to be an Entrepreneur. I just want to be the guy who writes awesome code. Tell me what you want, let me write code and pay for what I wrote. :)