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Pepper Spray Self Defence for Ladies

07 Jul 2014

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So I was speaking with an amazing Women Entrepreneur lately. She happened to come across a situation where she had to defend herself against two men who were threatening her. She tried getting away from them, but couldn’t. And there was no one nearby.

This was not ordinary women. She was well-prepared for a situation like this. She had the perfect self-defence secret weapon in her purse. It was a pepper spray. And she quickly sprayed it on them and she was able to get away safely. Thanks to the Pepper Spray, she was not harmed.

Most of the people here (in India) have no idea about Pepper Spray. So I am posting this here now to urge all the women to purchase it and carry always with you. Its like a personal bodyguard. So If you have a Sister / Wife / Mom / Female Friend, Please tell them about the Pepper Spray and buy them one and urge them to always carry one around. Because you will never know what is waiting for you out there. Better safe than sorry.

You can buy it here: http://bit.ly/1mZeQ1i