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What kind of services do I offer?


I am your one-stop shop for all your startup's technical needs. I can architect, implement, deploy and scale products. I build Desktop and Mobile apps too. I lack good designer skills, but that is why Bootstrap and Foundation is there for.

Technical Consulting

I provide technical consulting on various things. I can help you choose an appropriate stack, give you ideas on how to scale your product, and a lot more. For list of things that you can consult with me, visit the technologies page.


I give trainings on various stuff too. I consider myself good at it. And trust me when I say, if I was not good, I would be the first person to break the news. I provide training on Agile Practices, various programming languages, Git, etc. For a full list, visit the technologies page.


I have given a lot of different guest-lectures before. And almost everything is related to Startups and technologies. Again, you can visit the technologies page for the topics on which I usually give lectures on.