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What do other people say about me?

dhilipsiva is one of the few self-driven guys that I know of, with a strong focus on building software programs and application, from a very early stage in his life. I know him since my second year of Engineering which happened to be his first year, and right at that time he had started building simple game softwares. That was pretty impressive of him. During the next 3 years in our college, I had observed him taking part in student initiatives with a few other students in promoting open source software usage/development and helping his student friends in learning various programming languages. Later he went on to work for various startups and had done some amazing code contributions. In short he is a self taught code-geek. And am happy to be connected with him. Here is wishing him the best on his future endevours.
dhilipsiva is one of the smart, talented people I have known. His steep Victory lies in his efforts and love towards programming. There is so much I can say about this guy, but I’ll leave some space for other people’s thought about him. To be short, he is awesome Programmer. I’m a Big fan of him. As a senior he suggests many good things and as a friend he has helped me in career. He is very kind, reliable and skilled person. One of his talks as a chief guest in my college admires me and my fellow students so much. I strongly believe in him, One day He will be Most Influential Programmer in Tech World.
dhilipsiva is an amazing person and a very skilled techie. He has a natural apetite for learning and innovation; and develops a very good understanding of problem given to him. This makes him very good in whatever he does - webapp development, playing with big data, backend scaling & optimization, maths & philosophy and all sorts of new things he keeps on trying... he is one of the best computer geeks I know of.
dhilipsiva is a versatile programmer who always like to innovate something new. Involvement, dedication, determination and eager in his work are keys for his success. He believes in his work and so it works wonders for him. His perspective towards programming is always appreciable.
Cyber Prince. He will be a prince in Cyber World. He is one of the best teammate from my college days. Skilled, effective & reliable. I am pleased to recommend dhilipsiva whenever opportunity arises.
dhilipsiva is a unique person and does everything differently. In terms of technology, he is very sound. He does what he does the best. I have never met anyone with such calibre.