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Interested in hiring me?

At the moment, I am not available Full-Time. But I am available for part-time/freelancing/contract/consulting works form 25 to 40 hours/week @ 40USD/hr, non-negotiable.

I have been lucky and grateful to have worked with small teams (usually 1- 4 person) in my past. It had enabled me to assume various roles within each project which includes Architect, Tech Lead, Back-end Engineer, Front-end Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Scaling Engineer, iOS Engineer, Consulting, Trainer and so on. Working in such versatile roles (mostly simultaneously), has enabled me to understand different parts of Tech Stack and Tech Team. It helped me learn how to reduce friction within Tech Team (Small to medium sized teams) and work efficiently.

And if you look at my profiles, you can see that I am a “Wannabe Startup Tech Polymath”. And that is what I am striving to be. A one-stop shop for all the startup's tech needs.

But I got to say, I lack Designing Skills. But I fill that gap with Bootstrap or Foundation or something similar. Will be working on it in the near future (hopefully).

Click here for my Resume.

To check if I am available, Contact Me.

P.S. I am ONLY interested in talking to CEOs, CTOs, Co-Founders and Techies/Geeks regarding job opportunities. I am NOT interested in talking to HRs, Recruiters & Talent Acquisition Agencies - please DO NOT contact me.

PS: All letters of the name, "dhilipsiva", are lowercased. This is NOT a typo. I prefer my name lowercased.

PSS: This site is PRIVACY FRIENDLY. I DO NOT track any visitor.