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A small list of products that I helped build before.

Enquirybot (Client of Reckonsys)

Enquirybot is a rule-based Chatbot specifically built for maximizing sales enquiries. I was resposible to architecting the application. I also implemented the core MVP with Django, GraphQL and React.


Appknox helps developers and enterprises to uncover and fix security loopholes in few minutes. I was responsible for architecting, implementing and scaling the product from scratch.

ZenMiner Cloud

Hosted Crypto Currency Mining. A cloud mining platform built by miners for miners. While I was working at GAWMiners, I programmed CGMiner scripts to retrieve pool by specific IDs, built a BTC/LTC/XDG payment gateway and implemented few features in ZenCloud.


A sharing economy platform. I built a small feature in Shrebo [a Switzerland client]. But I dont seem to remember what I built. Will update this section if I remember it.

Food Folio (Client of LaunchYard)

Food recipe sharing platform. I implemented an algorithm that intelligently parses the description of a recipe and returns back a list of ingredients required and step-by-step directions of making recipe. That is the only thing that I implemented in Food Folio.

The Albums (Client of LaunchYard)

The Albums is a ad-free, members-supported photo sharing platform for families. I implemented some major features. I refactored more than half of code base which was written by someone else to make it more readable and maintainable.

Delight (Porduct of LaunchYard)

Delightful project management for building mobile and web applications. I re-wrote the entire front-end in CoffeeScript in a properly organized fashion. I implemented search with ElasticSearch. I implemented post comment in the app through Email. And built few other features too.

CollabLayer (Product of Tataatsu)

Real-time Collaboration. Post-PC style. CollabLayer is an app to help collaborate around documents/images with your teams, customers and partners in real-time. I built most of the API endpoints on the backened, an API consumption layer on the mobile end and few other features.

ReWire (Client of Tataatsu)

one of the world’s first interactive meditation apps. Fun and effective, ReWire trains powerful attention and clear presence quickly. Try a session and see for yourself why experienced meditators and newbies alike are calling ReWire “shockingly effective”. This product was discontinued.


You must me thinking: `This guy built only few products and call himself experienced?`. I have actually built more than a dozen of products. But I am not supposed to share those information here as most of the startups that I worked with is actually in stealth mode. I'll update those things as they go live.