An Optimistic Nihilist who loves Science, Python, Rust, FOSS, WebAssembly & Distributed Systems.

I am a passionate and experienced Software Architect/Engineer with a diverse skill set and a wealth of experience in various programming languages and technologies. Currently, I work as a Software Architect at Appknox. I actively contribute to numerous repositories on GitHub. You can contact me through my email [email protected]. You can find my past experiences on LinkedIn and search for me on Google.

I am very skilled in building (micro)services, focusing on Python/Rust, and a range of other languages including JavaScript (browser-side), C, Go, PHP, Ruby, Objective-C, C#, and Java. Lately, I have developed a keen interest in Rust programming language, WebAssembly, and distributed software.

I can architect, code, deploy, (auto)scale, and maintain server-side (.py, .rs), browser-side (.js, .ts, .wasm) & infra (terraform, pulumi, CDK) code. I have built GraphQL, RPC & RESTful microservices with Python & Rust, JavaScript frontends with Ember & React, DevOps pipelines, E2E Test Automation Framework (Horizontal & Vertical) with RobotFramework, Native iOS apps, Android and iOS device farms, RaspberryPi bitcoin mining farm with custom ASIC chips, and scaled a couple of high-traffic web applications.

With my broad experience, I can tackle projects at all levels of the web application stack: from server-side to browser-side, and architecture to scaling. I have also successfully scaled high-traffic web applications and deployed services on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, using tools such as Fabric, Docker, AWS Copilot, Kubernetes, and more.

In addition to my technical skills, I have also been a leader on small tech teams, guiding my colleagues to success and fostering a positive work environment. I have also contributed to several open-source projects and reverse-engineered and "hacked" mobile applications for fun.

Outside of my professional life, I am constantly exploring new technologies and keeping up with the latest trends in the software engineering world. I love discussing philosophy & socio-economic and political change. In my free time, I enjoy tinkering with IoT and robotic projects with my kids, both for fun and as a way to continue learning and growing my skillset.